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sexually transmitted condition venereal condition; any of a diverse team of infections transmitted by sexual Get in touch with; in certain this is the only essential method of transmission, As well as in others transmission by nonsexual means is possible. illness marked by indicators for example unanticipated and repeated black-out periods, and infrequently seizures because of an incomplete heart block.

any of a group of genetically identified Issues of glycogen metabolism, marked by irregular storage of glycogen in the human body tissues. See also glycogen storage sickness. a bone disorder characterised by thickening and bowing from the extensive bones and enlargement of the skull and maxillae. It can be represented radiographically by a cotton-wool visual appearance of your bone and microscopically by a mosaic bone pattern with so-identified as reversal lines.

n inflammation and infections impacting the pelvic area. Discomfort while in the decreased abdomen, tenderness in the adnexal region to palpitation and sensitivity to touch while in the cervical region soon after motion are prevalent symptoms.

Raynaud's sickness a Principal or idiopathic vascular disorder, most frequently impacting Ladies, marked by bilateral assaults of Raynaud's phenomenon.

metabolic illness one particular brought on by a disruption of a traditional metabolic pathway thanks to a genetically decided enzyme defect.

Crigler-Najjar disorder see underneath syndrome. Crohn's ailment regional enteritis; a Continual granulomatous inflammatory ailment typically inside the terminal more ileum with scarring and thickening in the wall, frequently leading to intestinal obstruction and formation of fistulas and abscesses.

n the metabolic Ailments occurring on account of adaptation or resistance to extreme Bodily or psychologic strain. See also syndrome, general adaptation.

n a sickness linked to genetically identified abnormalities of protein synthesis in the molecular degree.

n a scarring from the endocardium resulting from involvement in acute my latest blog post rheumatic fever. The process most frequently consists of the mitral valve.

autoimmune disease A illness developed if the immune reaction of somebody is directed their explanation against its personal cells or tissues. It's not necessarily nonetheless known just what brings about your body to react to 1's possess antigens as whenever they had been international.

(sī´kōsōmat´ik), n a condition that appears to happen to be precipitated or extended by psychological pressure; manifested largely from the autonomic nervous procedure.

Bowen's disorder A condition characterized by a gradual-developing tumour of the epidermis with the skin which can entail the corneal or conjunctival epithelium.

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